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pg-tits said: I still dislike Diana, like if there’s someone’s ice cream in your freezer then you wouldn’t take it out and let it melt.

Very true but there’s a statement made by her that was played on the radio today that was very distressing, she sounds to be badly affected by the event and is unwell anyway. 

"Toby, Throw The Old Woman Out!"

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Really sad that Iain got kicked off The Great British Bake Off

He shows so much more potential than some other bakers in the tent and ultimately his actions reflected his passion. I don’t think that people should be attacking Diana though as it’s a lot to bombard a woman with when television footage is edited and constructed in all sorts of ways so what we see as an audience isn’t necessarily indicative of the reality. 

Anonymous said: The Helena gif-set is from Salting the Battlefield :)

Thank you my saviour! 

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It has begun.

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What is this from?

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“I was just running around with my crazy curly hair, and all the rich girls made fun of me because they said I didn’t brush my hair enough.” - Natasha (on being bullied in school)

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is my favourite

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